Preparing your Caravan for Winter Storage

Whether you’re looking to sell you caravan or not, preparing it for storage is important to prevent damage, damp and mould.

Inside the Caravan;

  1. Remove all valuables and personal documents from the Caravan.
  2. LPG Cylinders should be removed and stored in a cool, well ventilated location
  3. Clean and vacuum carpets, curtains and upholstery and if possible remove the soft furnishings and store in a warm, dry place. If it is not possible to remove cushions store them on the edge away from caravan walls to allow air circulation. Cover them with a sheet to stop sunlight fading them.
  4. Wipe down all walls and ceiling with mild anti bacterial solution.
  5. Empty all Cupboards, leave small doors ajar to help with ventilation, but close larger doors as the may warp.
  6. Refrigerator should be emptied, cleaned out and the door left ajar. Hob/Oven should be cleaned and degreased.
  7. Blinds and fly screens should be left retracted so damage is not caused to the return springs.
  8. If you have a pump switch on your water system make sure it is set to the OFF position. Then open all taps, including shower. Opening all taps allows air into the system which in turn should make the drain process quicker. If you have mixer taps, make sure they are set midway between hot and cold. Flush and empty the waste tank
  9. If you have regular access to the caravan, use some moisture absorbing crystals to cupboard corners to help prevent condensation, but these will need replaced fairly frequently.
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Inside the Caravan


  1. The 12V Battery should be removed, unless you are using an alarm. The battery should be cleaned and terminals covered in petroleum jelly. Store it in a cool, dry place and check state every 6 to 8 weeks, top up with trickle charge if and when required.
  2. Electric clocks, smoke detectors etc should have their internal batteries removed if they have them.
  3. 12N and 12S plugs should be checked over, cleaned and the pins coated with petroleum jelly. You should then protect them from the weather, but not fully sealed in polythene as this will create condensation.
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  1. Check window seals for signs of perishing, replace if necessary. Seals that are fine can be coated in olive oil
  2. Wash the exterior using a car shampoo, oil locks and hinges with WD40
  3. Clean chassis thoroughly, remove any surface rust, and paint over with rust inhibitor or suitable paint.
  4. Coupling and winding mechanism should be thoroughly cleaned, inspected and re-greased.
  5. Leave caravan vents uncovered to provide air circulation.
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Outside Caravan


  1. Avoid parking the caravan under trees or near dilapidated buildings, where strong winds may dislodge branches or slates.
  2. Avoid areas that are very low lying, as they may be prone to flooding.
  3. If parked up in an exposed area, ground anchors would be advisable.
  4. Ideally, but not always possible, the caravan should be jacked up and supported on axle stands.
  5. Leave handbrake of, and if possible rotate wheels from time to time to keep bearings lubricated.
  6. In most experts opinion polythene or tarpaulin sheets should be used to ‘seal’ the caravan away from the elements.
  7. If you would like to cover your caravan, please use use one that is made from a ‘breathable’ material.
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Outside Caravan Storage